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  Smoked Hatteras OBX  

Where Passion Meets Smoked Perfection. Crafters of hot smoked salmon, our journey is a tale of flavor, fire, and coastal inspiration. Dive into a world of culinary excellence with each bite. Elevate your dining experience with Smoked Hatteras – a celebration of seafood, smoked to perfection.


 Our products include Hot Smoked Salmon, Salmon Spread, and 2 variations of our Hot Sauce. Here we showcase our commitment to quality, taste, and culinary innovation. 




About Us

Our story began in October of 22' when we had a chance meeting with Captain Logan of Logan's Luck in Engelhard, North Carolina. He was a legend in the OBX fishing community at the age of 24. On that day, he was fishing the stormy waters off Cape Hatteras and brought home some Macs and Blues. Not enthused by the day's catch, he lamented the price he was getting for Blue Fish as there was no market for it. Typically, it was frozen and used to bait crab pots. However, having sampled some smoked Bluefish dip made by Busy Mike, we were blown away by its phenomenal taste. We called him up, and he reluctantly shared the recipe. We modified it and made our first batch, which turned out to be a product that would sell itself.


To showcase our products and expand our reach, we designed and custom-built our own smoker and attended the North American International fish show in Boston. It was an incredible experience with participants from all over the world, including Japan, China, Australia, Chile, Faroe Islands, and Starkist. The biggest names in the fish industry were present. We discovered that salmon is the fastest-growing protein in the world and decided to pivot from Blues to Salmon. Our HACCP instructors from Kodiak Alaska, who are the gurus of salmon, have been our go-to guys for any questions we have. They even tested our products for shelf life and nutrient content for free!


Our smoking process is simple yet meticulous. We brine the salmon overnight and season it with fresh-ground Indonesia Muntok white pepper, Indian Tellycherry black pepper, and Alessi kosher sea salt. The salmon is then smoked at a low temperature for several hours to allow the smoke to penetrate. After that, we bring the internal temperature to 145 degrees for 30 minutes per USDA spec. The salmon is then cooled, portioned, and vacuum-packed.


Our smoked salmon dip is made by assembling and mixing the ingredients in a large Hobart Mixer. We then add the salmon mix briefly and portion it in tamper-resistant clamshells.


As for our secret recipe, the Kodiak candy, we'll keep it to ourselves, LOL.


Our Suave and Fuego smoked hot sauces are both made with five different smoked peppers. The only difference between the two is the quantity of Scotch Bonnet in the mix.


We sincerely thank you for trying and enjoying our handcrafted products!

- The Smoked Hatteras Team

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